• Prévert’s House, in Omonville-la-Petite, at 35 minutes of Bricquebec’s castle

The house of Jacques-Prévert is a county museum of manche department dedicated to Jacques Prévert and housed in the house where the poet lived for the last years of his life in Omonville-la-Petite, near the Cap de la Hague. The museum visit lasts half a day, you can enjoy this excursion to push to the extreme north and discover the tip of the Hague at 7km …


  • Jean-François Millet’s house, in Gréville-Hague, at 30 minutes of the castle’s hotel

The charm of Jean-François Millet’s workshop is still intact. See where, from 1849 to 1875, lived and worked in one of the most famous French painters. Immerse yourself in the art of the nineteenth century with the original drawings and reproductions of the works of the painter , and relive the incredible story of his most famous painting, The Angelus .


  • The museum of Barbey d’Aurevilly, in Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, at 13 minutes ofthe castle of Bricquebec

The museum of Barbey-d’Aurevilly is a museum dedicaded to the writer Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly,
where you’ll discover an impressive collection of sculpture and writing about the author in a renovated historic location.


  • Christian Dior Museum, in Granville, at 1h15 of our hotel

The museum of Christian Dior is a memorial dedicated to the influence of the life and work of Christian Dior. Garden works, exhibitions, discover an exceptional house in the heart of the french fashion.